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Evelyn's Nursery

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This is probably my favorite now. I just love it, and love how it came together! I am so excited to share it, and will be even more excited to show my little girl!

 When we began thinking about the nursery I knew that no matter girl or boy I wanted a good bit of it to be gender neutral. We painted the nursery a very pale blueish/green color. The pictures actually make the color seem a little brighter. Her bedding is also plain white which is also pretty neutral.

We have certainly added some girly touches because....while I didn't want all pink.....she is a girl and I wasn't going to pass on the opportunity to make it a little girly for her!

We recovered this glider and I love how it turned out! I really love the fabric we chose!

This sweet painting above her crib was done by an amazingly talented friend! I love it! Also, you may see a little bird theme going on. When we decided on her name (which is a family name, but also one Brett and I just loved) we looked up what it meant. Well, somehow we saw in French that it meant "little bird"...Um, doesn't everyone look up what their child's name means in French? Actually, pretty sure it just didn't mean anything cool in English. Oh yes, there is a little bird theme. 

That same friend painted this as well. This little poem is one my mom's grandfather said to her all them time, and then my mom said it to us! 

This crib was found by my aunt in Tampa, FL a long time before I was pregnant. It was saved for me, and I just love all of the details of it! This is the sweet outfit she will wear home from the hospital!

And that is that. Just waiting on her to arrive so we can show her around! :) Hurry up little girl!