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Hello all! I am sorry it has been so crazy. With changing hosting sites for this blog and all of the craziness that occurred last week I have just not had any time to post or even get this site up and running. I just have to say that soon there will be a blog about Lucy Myer's birth. I am in the middle of beginning the school year and doing a million other things that it just hasn't happened. I won't be posting her whole birth story since that is her momma's place! Mainly, I have to write about what a rockstar my sister is and how amazed I am at God's faithfulness and just the process of birth. Ladies, we really were made to do this! :) We are all so in love with this angel and I am one incredibly proud sister! Amy was unbelievable. Jeff was so great. It was such an amazing thing to witness and I am blessed that I was able to be there!

In the mean are a couple of pictures keep you happy.

Daddy loves this little girl!

Sweet momma

Love them!

One of her newborn photos...

Hope that will hold you over till I can get my act together! :)

Thank you for your prayers and kind words over this last week!