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he & she (august 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:

She celebrated her 24th birthday!

And was incredibly spoiled by her family!

They welcomed a new niece who lives right across the street!

We are all pretty much in love with sweet Lucy!

   He encouraged her to pursue something that she loves!

And she made it official and began a side business of A Little From Laura Photography

They are excited to see where this goes!

She took lots of pictures between Lucy's birth and three other shoots.

He was so helpful and encouraging about everything!

They began school!

And are both really enjoying it!

He got really busy with starting football.....

They had a couple of days off because of hurricane Isaac.

They are realizing that now that summer is over things are about to get even busier!

But are both looking forward to fall and their 1 year anniversary in a couple of months! :)

P.S. They didn't even take a picture together. Boo...