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Thoughts on Motherhood (Volume 1)

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Goodness me! I have officially held the title of "mother" for 24 days. In some ways it feels like much longer, but mostly I can't even believe she will be one month old next week. I can't even remember what life was like before my sweet Evelyn arrived. Actually, that isn't true. I remember sleeping more, having my shirt buttoned a lot more :) , and getting a lot more time to myself. These last 24 days have been the greatest. They have been the fastest, but the longest at the same time. I have given more of myself to this little life. I have learned some pretty great lessons. I have (I am sure) made plenty of mistakes. I have cried. I have laughed. I have been exhausted.

It's A.......

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I completely planned to post some photography related posts before now. However, between sickness, school, and everything else....I just have not felt like it. But, yesterday is a day worth sharing about. Brett and I went to the doctor to find out if this sweet baby growing inside me is a boy or a girl. It was such a special day. We made a little video to share the news with our family.....

It's a GIRL! I was obviously shocked. As you can tell by my outfit.....I was thinking team boy all the way! It still hasn't quite set in that it is a girl! But...we are thrilled and praising God for a healthy baby!!

3 Years

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I can't believe it has been 3 years. B, November 12, 2011 was the happiest day! I remember being SO excited! I could not wait to marry you! Thank you for being an amazing husband. Thank you for being helpful, caring, and sensitive! Thank you for loving me well. Thank you for being the BEST!

You are my favorite! I am so happy that you asked me to marry you! I am so thankful for our marriage, and cannot imagine standing next to anyone else as I walk through life. I love you so much more than I did three years ago!

You are the BEST husband! :)

Our Christmas Card

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Now that our Christmas cards have made it into mailboxes I can share it on the blog!

I used minted this year and the goal was to get them as cheaply as possible! I had a couple of discount codes and was very happy with the quality and how quickly I got them!! I think the turned out precious!

I can't believe we are only 4 days away from Christmas! I am thankful that I am officially on Christmas break for 2 weeks from school. I will have a short photography break but jump right into it again the day after Christmas!  What a blessing that is! I plan on doing lots of resting as well and hopefully more blogging!

Happy Happy Christmas!!

he & she (november 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:

He was super busy with basketball games

She stayed busy trying to balance photography and teaching...

They celebrated a year of being husband and wife!!!

They celebrated their second thanksgiving

They closed on their new home

And are doing their best to settle in

They are looking forward to the Christmas season in their new home!


he and she (september 2012)

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:.. he & she ..:

They were so busy this month

October is going to be even busier

She had a few photo shoots....which were so fun

He was busy with football

They did a little house hunting

And didn't feel like they were old enough to be doing that :)

They felt quite grown up..haha

She made a trip to Lagrange to see family

They are both enjoying their study of the book of Genesis

And are excited about all that God is teaching them.

he & she (august 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:

She celebrated her 24th birthday!

And was incredibly spoiled by her family!

They welcomed a new niece who lives right across the street!

We are all pretty much in love with sweet Lucy!

   He encouraged her to pursue something that she loves!

And she made it official and began a side business of A Little From Laura Photography

They are excited to see where this goes!

She took lots of pictures between Lucy's birth and three other shoots.

He was so helpful and encouraging about everything!

They began school!

And are both really enjoying it!

He got really busy with starting football.....

They had a couple of days off because of hurricane Isaac.

They are realizing that now that summer is over things are about to get even busier!

But are both looking forward to fall and their 1 year anniversary in a couple of months! :)

P.S. They didn't even take a picture together. Boo...

he & she (july 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:
They traveled to Lagrange to celebrate their nieces birthday.
She has worked on her classroom a lot!
Which has been busy, stressful, and fun!
He spent some time preparing for his next semester..
She learned a whole lot during her study of James and finished that up this week..
They rested after having a busy June and spent a lot of time together.
They are getting ready to begin their second year of teaching....
And are trying to savor these last few days of summer! :) 

he & she (june 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:
He and she had the busiest month.
He was busy with basketball practices
And is thankful to have a break in July.
She threw a shower to honor her sister and the upcoming arrival of sweet Lucy Myer!
They spent a week at the beach with her family
She was in a dear friends wedding!
They spent a week in Puerto Rico with his family
And are finishing up a vacation spending time in Tampa with more of her family
They are hoping for a more relaxing July
And are really wishing the summer would sloowwwwww downnnnn! :)

he & she (may 2012)

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:.. he and she ..:
They had a busy May
Which is crazy because June seems as though it will be even busier...
She literally blogged three times. What? 
They spent some time in the pool
They continued to watch veggies grow and were able to eat some!
They had a visit from family and some sweet nieces
Then went to see his family in Phenix City
He finished up his first year of teaching....
And then a week later she finished hers! :) 
They are looking forward to their first summer as husband and wife! :)
(p.s. totally took this pic today. took NO pictures of us in may....lame. we'll do better this month!)