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One Year

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One year. I cannot believe how quickly it has passed. It has been the greatest year of my life. During our ceremony last year Chris said "Marriage will literally kill you. It will kill the parts of you that need to die." I certainly hope that some parts of me have died this year. I will say that the first year has been almost bliss. Not that there haven't been some tough times because there certainly have been. However, I am sure that there are many more struggles to come.I am so thankful for what I have learned! I am thankful that I get to fall asleep and wake up next to my best friend! We have been through many changes from getting used to new jobs, learning to take care of a house, cook meals, traveling, and now buying our first home!

I am so incredibly blessed to be married to Brett. I don't deserve his kindness. I mean.....he has played with my hair literally almost every night as I have fallen asleep for the last year. Seriously. Love language. :)

Brett, thank you for being so wonderful and for taking care of me for better and worse this year. I pray that we will strive to look more like Him and glorify Him through our marriage in our second year together.

Here is a video to commemorate our first year as husband and wife!

Love you forever! :)