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Our First House

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So since we have moved into our new home I realized I never shared pictures of our first house. It was the house I cooked my first meals in as a wife and did loads and loads of laundry. Here is our cozy little house.....


When you walk in you see the den straight ahead....


To the right is the kitchen. I have to say, I am thankful that in this house the kitchen is a little bit larger! :) I spent a lot of time here and really enjoy cooking so this is a bonus!

Through that door is the laundry room. One downer of this new house is the laundry room is a bit smaller. The place I spend a good bit of time as well. haha. I LOVED this laundry room!

Another view of the den and then we go down the hall way...


To the left is our guest room.....

IMG_0035-1024x682 (1).jpg

This house had 1 and a half baths. Thankful for the extra half we have in this new house! :)


 Then we have the master! Loved our room! :) Love our headboard!


I will say for the most part our house was actually this clean. MOST of the time. However, just to keep it real.....this was our office which went through stages of being organized and then stages such as this.....Hoping for a more organized office in this new house!

I really loved our first house but the BEST part about it was what we got to see when we walked out the front door. It was the best living across the street from my sister and brother-in-law and sweet Lucy for a few months! :) We miss them so much even though we are only about 10 minutes apart. It's just not quite the same! :)

Anyways, when this new house doesn't look like a bomb went off in it I will share pictures. Maybe it won't be a year :)