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30 Day Photography Challenge-Days 10, 11, 12, and 13

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Day 10 was a childhood memory. Well, this week we have been teaching money in first grade and while I don't remember this in school, I certainly remember playing with pretend money MANY times when I was little....
Day 11 was something blue and literally I forgot till right before I went to sleep. This is framed in our bedroom. It's a print with a blue bird on it with Matthew 6:33 on it that was given to me. It was purchased from Jones Design Company. LOVE this site!
Day 12 was supposed to be the sunset. I missed it cause I was watching my husband coach and WIN I might add in basketball. I figured that could be my picture since this is a 30 day challenge and there are 31 days in January. I'll just move things up a day! :) He is cuter anyways!
Day 13: pretty behind my house
Haven't done todays....workin on it!