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Our Happy Day- His and Her Pictures

WeddingLaura KittrellComment
A few before pictures of the guys and girls. We had a pretty amazing group stand beside us that day.
So handsome!
Serious/Sexy Faces. haha.
Ready to meet them?
Bro in law, Pudge on the left--Dear friend, Caleb on the right. I promise we have serious pictures too but these were just so fun! :)
My brothers....Sam on the left, Eric on the right
The best man, Brett's dad and Brett's brother, Drew
Now a few of the girls...
Loved my bouquet
Don't know what was funny but I like the picture....I guess I was a little giddy! :)
My lovely girls!
Loved their flowers too!
Then we found the wall. Made for some fun pictures!
I told you the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day! Look at that scenery?!?
Ready to meet the girls who stood by me?
Matron of honor and sister on the left and sister-in-law on the right. LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!
Sweet friend since 6th grade, Katherine on the left and my favorite Canadian, Colleen on the right
What would I have done without these two in college? Sarah and Julie
Up, details of the day, ceremony, reception, and more! I thought I'd split them up since there are SO MANY!