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Our Happy Day- The Beginning

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The night before my wedding was just perfect. My sister and brother-in-law spent the night at our house and we had a full house that night after the rehearsal and dinner. My sister and I slept together the night before her wedding so she returned the favor. We talked and talked and finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling great. I was ready to marry Brett! 
Amy, Linds, mom, and I went and got our hair done that morning and then mom and I headed to Camp Grace. God couldn't have given us a more beautiful fall day! I got to see all of my flowers and everything coming together! We made our way back to where the girls were going to get dressed. I didn't want my groom to see me! 
There's my sweet flower girl!! :) 
Mom doing my makeup 
Time for the dress!! :)
Let's talk about the dress. It was just beautiful and I knew from the minute I put it on that it was for me. No, I didn't have a "say yes to the dress" moment but I still LOVED my dress!!
Brett and I chose not to see each other before so we decided to just exchange letters.
There's my groom!
Reading our letters
A few details....the slippers
Something old, something new, borrowed, and blue!
My pearls that my parents have added to since I was a baby and my ring I got for graduation
Beautiful garter my mom made for me
Mom has a handkerchief with the monograms and wedding dates of each of the three of her children who have gotten married on each of the corners.
A beautiful barrette my Aunt Amy gave me to wear as one of my "something blues"
More to come.....