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It's Fall!

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Hello! Hello! It has been too usual. We have moved out of September and are halfway through October? What? Life has been so busy. Isn't that what I say every single time? Yes. Between school and photography and life in general I cannot keep up. Sometimes life just needs to be lived and not written about. However, I do enjoy this little space and would like to be a more frequent visitor to my own site! :)

In the last months we have been busy with work, family visits, a little traveling, and much more. I'll hit the high points. One of the most exciting things was at the end of September we found out that the next little Jacobs baby will be a boy! We are so excited that we are getting a baby boy to love on!  Hurry up February!

Brett and I have enjoyed the fall so much. While we know that during the last two football seasons, we were in the center of God's will, it has been so nice having my husband home each afternoon and on Friday nights! What a blessing!


As far as photography, things are so busy. I am very thankful but it certainly is tough to balance it all! I definitely want to share more of my recent shoots! I am so happy that people allow me the privilege to capture their memories and I want to share those in this space soon! I am also the proud owner of a brand new camera! Ah....I did my first shoot with this baby this past weekend and  am looking forward to several more shoots this week! :)

Brett and I also did some location scouting and tested it out to get some shots of me for something I am working on. As you can see I was only slightly awkward being in front of the camera! :)


I love my husband!


I'll leave you with a lovely "fallish" picture of sweet Lucy at the pumpkin patch! Why oh why does it not feel like fall outside? Praying for cooler temperatures to make their way to us soon!!


Happy Monday! Looking forward to a short work week at school! :)