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My First Week as Mrs. Kittrell

the two of us, TravelLaura KittrellComment
I couldn't have asked for a better first week as a Mrs. We spent the week in beautiful St. Thomas! 
During our week.......
We were giddy with excitement.....
We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL place
We hung out with these guys...
We saw some pretty sunsets!
We dressed up!

We took the infamous ring picture! :)
We saw some of the bluest water!
We spent some time on the beach...
We ate some fabulous food!
We went on a Catamaran dinner cruise!
We talked about our wedding and dreamed about our future!
We were our goofy selfs!
We got to see this most days...
We dug our toes in the sand....
We got a little sunburned!
We saw birds dive bomb.... :) lol
We got to know each other better
We got a little artsy!
We had some fabulous milkshakes at.....
We spent our first week as Mr. and Mrs. Kittrell and loved every second of being together!
It was such an amazing week and we were so thankful to be there! Now, we are back and settling into our home together! It has been a busy couple of weeks but we are most definitely enjoying married life so far!