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Baby Shepherd (birth--pictures)

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On November 13, 2013 I had the absolute privilege of photographing a birth. This was the first one I have done for someone who is not a family member. I have known Annie for a long time! She contacted me about wanting me to be present for the birth a bit before and I was just thrilled. This was Annie's third baby, she and Chop's were not finding about the sex of the baby, and Annie was planning on going natural. Oh my word. Can we talk about what a rockstar she was? She had everything against her. She was induced, they broke her water, and she was three weeks early! Gracious me....but she did it! She was so amazing! After several LONG hours of labor that precious boy made his grand entrance! Chops was also incredible as helpful! They were such a great team! He helped her as she went through the pain and the exhausting task of delivering baby Shep. I shared the video I put together a bit ago but wanted to share some pictures as well. Sweet husband...

Really...aren't the precious? Can't you just see all of the emotion from the work to the relief when he is finally here! I cried and cried as the baby entered the world! :)

Thank you Annie and Chops for letting me be apart of this emotional and special day! Y'all are precious friends and I am so grateful for you!