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Snow Day?!?

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We have had quite a bit of excitement in Alabama. On Monday we had a high of about 65 degrees but we were promised that "snow" or a "wintry mix" would await us on Tuesday or Wednesday. Naturally, because we live in South Alabama we did not know what to expect but I am a teacher and teachers are tend to be the ones who are quite hopeful. On Monday around 2:00 I joyfully announced to my fifth graders that we would indeed not be at school the next day! :) On Tuesday morning I waited and waited. On Tuesday afternoon I waited and waited. Around lunch the precipitation began. By the afternoon we definitely had lots of ice. I am a bit of a weather nerd so I was pumped. We got word that we would not be at school today either! TWO SNOW DAYS in MOBILE? What?  We woke up this morning and to a winter wonderland. I am almost certain that it was not really snow and probably just ice but it was beautiful!! It stuck all day...and was FREEZING! Brett and I went "sledding" and played outside. It was such a fun day! We also ate soup, worked on a couple of projects, and did a lot of relaxing!

It was such a fun day! I am thankful that it is still frozen outside! I am thankful that we are off again tomorrow!! While it was beautiful and I am thankful for three days showed me that I am without a doubt a summer girl. Spring, warm weather, where are you? I am so ready! :)  You people up north are tough. I would much rather sweat it out! Until then, I will bundle up and stay inside! Stay warm!