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he & she (august 2011)

he and sheLaura KittrellComment
:.. he and she ..:
She celebrated her 23rd birthday.
He was so sweet that day.
They traveled to Phenix City...
And had such a nice visit..
He bought a car!
They didn't think they should be allowed to do this! ha!
They finalized invitations, boys attire, and cake stuff.
He started his job.
And is adjusting to it and really enjoying it. 
She had a lot of ups and downs.
He was super encouraging.
She subbed a bit.
They are grateful to be seeing the Lord's provision in their lives in every situation.

They started marriage counseling.

They are less than three months from the wedding! Ah!

((p.s. we are not kissing behind this paper...literally, I waited until the 31st to take a he & she picture and we weren't looking too awesome. I think this is cute anyways....haha))