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Weekend Ramblings

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Brett and I had such a good weekend. We headed to Phenix City on Thursday to see his parents. I had no idea we would be celebrating my birthday but when we got there, his mom had cooked spaghetti for dinner. She knows it's my favorite! Then, I was surprised with a chocolate on chocolate cake. Wow. She knows her future daughter-in-law! I felt so very loved and special! 

We had such a nice weekend catching his mom up on wedding plans and finalizing a few more details! We also registered at another little shop in Phenix City so we are officially done with all of that for now! It was just nice to be able to be with his family and for them to be more involved with the planning process since it can be a challenge to be in two different cities!
Today we finalized what the boys will be wearing and invitations! We will order those later this week or next week!! eek!! That will make it all official!

Also, tonight I created a wedding website for us. I wasn't planning on doing this since I would be putting a good bit of information on the blog but I did it so that people can see where we are registered and directions to Camp Grace and all that jazz. It's nothing fancy and not completely finished but it will do!

Laura & Brett

Tomorrow Brett starts his big boy job! We are so blessed and excited about this job! Also, we may have another exciting announcement in the next couple of days!! This growing up stuff is exciting, challenging, confusing, and fun!

Hope you had a happy Monday!