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Lovely Day

Holidays, the two of usLaura KittrellComment
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. We don't really do anything big for this day but it's always fun and I am sure thankful I got to spend my 4th Valentine's day with my husband! :) It was my first Valentine's day as a teacher and boy did I get showered with all sorts of cards and candy. Blessing or curse? hmmm...
Mangs and I decided to let the boys cook since we were going to be home late. I tried to deck the table and I did make dessert.
We used our fancyyyy china for the first time!! :)

A little dinner prep...
Goobs with their headlights. haha. 
Hey there Valentine!
The result. Grilled chicken for the girls....steaks for the boys....grilled veggies and baked potatoes. Yum!!
Thanks for cooking Pudge and Brett! You two are the best Valentine's ever!
Oh and a quick shot from Sunday. That lovely thing around my neck is my Valentine's present and I was so excited to get it! 
I love you sweet boy and am happy to be your wife this Valentine's day! 
Excited that we have 50 more Valentine's days together! :)
P.S. Another exciting thing. Husband and I both have a WEEK off next week! Whoop! 
Cannot wait for FRIDAY!!