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Sweet Birthday Boy

Photography, the two of usLaura KittrellComment
Yesterday was a day to celebrate this guy and I personally think he is worth celebrating!
We started the morning with monkey bread and presents! OH....the bed head. :) 
He got some basketball shoes, a few treats, and a weekend away in the ATL in April to see the Braves play and shop and such!
Oh, and can I just say that I have an awesome husband. On HIS birthday he chased the mailman down to pick up my camera. WE missed the mailman and he drove around to find him so I could have it. So we had some fun with that...
Pretty, perfect, COLD day!!
Then, last night we headed to Outback with Brett's brother Drew and his girlfriend Ashley! 
Such a fun night!
Joel Brett Kittrell, I am sure glad you were born 23 years ago! You are such an amazing husband and my best friend! Thank you for all that you do to provide for me and take care of me! Thank you for being a huge encouragement. I love you so so much!!