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A Tribute to Pudge....

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A beautiful poem for my sweet brother-in-law...written by yours truly! :)
Happy Birthday!

His name is Jeff
What else can I say?
He's my brother-in-law
And his birthday is today!
I've known him a while
It has been about eight years
We've been through so much
Many laughs and many tears....
He used to be large
But then so did I...
Now he is small
And I still eat pie.... :) 
So Pudge, this is your day
I hope it has been great
Now this poem has to end
Before it is too late
Okay...I'm no poet but I love you. Here is a picture to remind you of the good ole days! You are totes the bestest brother-in-law everrrr....even if you do say I'm not getting married until 2058. Just's all because of me that you are in this family. You needed me as an excuse to come and play ping pong with so you could hang with Mangs.
Love you!! Happy Birthday!!