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Thank you Thanksgiving Break!

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Well, today I started Thanksgiving break and it has started out just wonderful! Unfortunately, this was my last night with Brett before he goes home for a few days but we definitely had a fun night together. Go ahead and get out the wine cause it's about to get cheesy. We got up on the roof of my house to star gaze. Haha. Cheesy? Yes. Do we do this often? Absolutely not. So is it okay? Well, I think so.
It was a bit cloudy but a beautiful moon!
Sweet boy set it all up for us!
Such a fun last night together!
What a lovely evening! I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Eric, Lindsey, and Virginia!! Ahh....I cannot wait to squeeze that little girl and take a million pictures of her!
Hopefully we will have more blogging over the next couple of days!
I hope your Thanksgiving break is starting out as great as mine!