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The Windy City is Mighty Pretty....

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WARNING: Long Post. Lots of pictures!

Sorry it has taken me a while to blog about the Chicago trip. Last Wednesday night we packed up and headed to LaGrange for the night then woke up bright and early Thursday morning to head to Atlanta for our flight. We arrived in Chicago at about 8:45ish. We grabbed our luggage and went to the train. We spent the morning and most of the afternoon shopping and seeing some of the sights.
Mangs and Pudge
Cool fountain that randomly spit water EVERYWHERE!
Ah...Michigan Avenue
Giant Bean...? Apparently a big deal...
Pretty sweet
Oh...DON'T WORRY! We found TJ MAXX!!

After we were shopped out we went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit before heading to dinner and the musical Shrek! We had the most amazing Italian food I have ever eaten in the Italian Village and Shrek was so much fun and so entertaining!
Mangs and Pudge and Sam and Cherry...she's great
The next day we woke up and went to Eggsperience for breakfast. Someone take me back right now.....I had chocolate chip pancakes and could taste every delicious calorie. We did a little more shopping then headed to Wrigley Field for the Cubs game. We were blessed to have amazing seats right behind home plate and in the shade!! Unfortunately the Cubbies had a not-so-great game but we still had a blast. After the game we headed to see more of Chicago and then to Giordano's for some pizza of course! So incredibly big and so incredibly delicious. By the way...we ate a lot of food while we were in Chi town. Whoops...
Check it out...Chicago knows what is up! Roll Tide

So good...

We shopped a little more the next day but most importantly we found my new love....Sweet Mandy B's. You don't understand. Best. Bakery. Ever. Their cupcakes, cookies, brownies.....heavenly. Must go back.....
For our last night we went to Navy Pier which was so fun and then had an even more fun cab ride home. Oh, and our driver was from Nairobi, Kenya! Crazy. We were able to talk about places we had seen while we were there and even gave him a thank you in Swahili on the way out!
We had such a fun time in Chi town! I hated to leave and come back. However, I hit the ground running on Monday morning. Student teaching pretty much has started. I am not required to go until the 23rd but I have gone to my school just so I could meet the kids and learn their routines. I have some adorable 1st graders and I am really enjoying it so far.
If you made it through that long post congrats! I promise I'll be back with my update about my book for July. Sorry it is taking me forever but I read such a great book so I'll have to share it soon!!