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Africa! Africa! Africa!

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Well, school officially ended for me yesterday at about 8:45 am. Summer is here. Yes! The summer is starting out crazy and busy. Saturday is the day! Sam and I are leaving and heading across the world to Africa! We are so excited! Can't you tell?
I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do in both our lives. I'll be honest...flying across the world with just my brother is a little on the scary side but I am sure that it will fine. I am excited to see another part of the world. I know it will be such an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful!
So...obviously, this will be my last post for a couple of weeks.
Prayer requests? I have plenty!
You can pray for our safety. Pray for our safety as we travel and while in Africa
Pray that the Lord would allow Sam and I to be an encouragement to Michael and Lesley while we are there.
Pray that we might be an encouragement to those we meet in Africa.
Pray that the gospel would go out. (As it should every single day)
Pray that we would make the absolute most of every moment we have there!
I suppose you could pray that we enjoy ourselves...although I am pretty sure that is inevitable. :)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the prayers! They are so appreciated!
I don't know if Africa is ready for us......... :)
See you in two weeks! Maybe I'll be able to post a picture or something while I am there!