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Two Great Years

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Yesterday, May 1st, Brett and I celebrated two years together. We had so much fun. I woke up early and went to his house to surprise him and cook him breakfast. He was definitely surprised to find me walking into his room with a plate of pancakes! :) After we ate I went home to get ready and he came to pick me up a little later. We exchanged gifts and boy oh boy...I was in for a surprise...Look what he got me!!
I was so shocked and so excited. He got this lens for me because of my trip to Africa. I also got some beautiful tulips as well. I could not wait to try my lens out! He did so good and I felt completely spoiled!
We then headed across the bay to have lunch. We ate at California Dreamin' and had plans to go to the Fairhope pier or to the Grand Hotel so I could use my camera. However, it was a bit of a yucky day so we decided not to drive as far. We went to Five Rivers on the causeway. I had so much fun using my camera and practicing different things. We had a great time! Here are some pictures from our day....
2 YEARS! :)
I feel like this might be a good time to share exactly how Brett and I met. I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. My roommate, Julie knew Brett and one day she put it together that we might have a class together. We soon connected the dots and realized we had sociology together. We began to talk a lot in that class. He stole my phone and put his number in it and called himself so he would have my number....Creep. :) We began to text all the time. One day...after about 4 months of being friends, he told me he liked me and wanted to know if I felt the same way. I. was. shocked. I told him that I really enjoyed his company but that I just saw him as a friend. Dang.
Anyways, we continued hanging out and talking and just being friends. It never got awkward which shocked me! He just kept on being a great friend. About a month later, my feelings began to change. All of the sudden I was wondering if I might even like this guy. I tried so hard to not show anything or lead him on in any way. I still did not know if I was supposed to be in a relationship with this boy. I kept praying and trying to seek the Lord. I knew I liked him....but he did not know and I didn't want him to. One night, about three months after he had initially pursued me, we were talking on the phone and he said, "Laura, do you think we haven't dated because you aren't interested or because it's not the right time?" Dang. I was cornered and could not lie. I told him I just didn't think it was the right time. About a month later...or maybe less...we were dating. :)
After two years together I can say that without a doubt it was the Lord that brought us together in his perfect timing. I know that it was hard for Brett to wait five months but I know he would tell you that God taught him so much during that time. I am so thankful to have this boy in my life.
I love so much about him. His curiosity about everything, how unbelievably smart he is, his love for sports (not who he chooses to cheer for necessarily...Roll Tide!), his passion to help people, his servants heart, his consistent prayer life, his humor, his love for others, and most importantly his relationship with the Lord!
I am truly blessed and thank the Lord for blessing me with such an amazing guy.
Thank you for loving me and serving me so well Brett and for taking such great care of my heart for the past two years! I hope we have many more together!