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Charlotte turned April! Oops!

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I am feeling a bit ashamed that I never blogged about this sweet girls birthday. I knew that we had two more birthdays this summer for Virginia and Lucy so I had to give this girl her own post! I hate that it is so late! So, in April we headed up to celebrate her first birthday! It is hard to believe that it had been a year since this baby came into our lives! You can watch her birth video here.

Charlotte Elizabeth is quite possibly the happiest baby ever. She is so sweet and so easy going. Currently she is very much on the move but she is so precious! We were so happy to celebrate her!

LiLi and her girls!

Excited for her cupcake! :)

Opening her presents....

Big sis was so excited for her baby sister!

Sweet family

Uncle Sam and Charlotte

Baby girl, you are so sweet and we love you so much! You were the best addition to our family and I am sure your parents agree! :)

Next up.....sweet Virginia's 4th birthday.