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Virginia Louise turns 4!

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On July 8th we celebrated Virginia turning 4! 4? What? I cannot believe it has been four years since she came into our lives! What a privilege it is to know her! She has the sweetest heart and most precious spirit and we love her so much! For her party she requested an "under the sea mermaid party" so that is what she got! Here are a few pictures from the weekend that we celebrated her!

With her JimPa

The big birthday girl!

Hello sweet Charlotte!


Her daddy prayed for his girl and I had to snap this picture! :)


Virginia's best friend! How cute are they?


We also had some "spa" activities starting with nails! :)

She opened some presents....


Y'all she is going to school this year.....what???


Blowing out the candles! :)

The whole family!

IMG_0040 (1).jpg

Sweet Virginia, we love you so much and are thankful for your first four years! You are such a sweet blessing to our family! :)