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Update and Hello!

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I can't believe I haven't posted in a month. Well, that's a lie. I can actually. School ended and it's as if summer started, took off, and hasn't stopped. Life is busy. But, at the same time, I am still able to rest and relax.

Summer has been busy so far. I kicked it off with a vacation to West Palm Beach with my family. It was an amazing week of rest. The weather was so so but that didn't stop us from truly enjoying the rest and relaxation that came with it.

I think being an aunt might just be the best thing ever.

This man....I love him!

Sadly, we were missing Sam on this trip and we HATED that!

We made the 12 hour ride home on Friday and I jumped right back into work with a wedding on Saturday. It was a LONG and hot day and night but so much fun!

Congrats to this happy couple!

So my week has consisted of tons and tons of editing! I have another wedding tomorrow so I am gearing up for that as well. I am thankful to be busy and I really am having to practice balancing my time! Thankfully, I am off for the summer from school so that definitely helps.

In other news around the Kittrell house, we have been doing a couple of updates. I need to do a house tour soon! :) The other big news is that Brett is in the process of changing jobs. It has been a whirlwind of decisions and lots of prayer that has been leading up to this and we are really excited! I will share more at another time but we are still praying for direction and we are very thankful for how God has been leading us so far!

I need to get back to editing but I am so hoping I can pop in more frequently around here. I miss it! Plus, there is so much happening this summer! More weddings/shoots, a special niece's 4th birthday and a 1st birthday,  (however, I need to blog about Charlotte's first as's coming Linds!), changes around the house, a trip to Tennessee, etc. So much stuff to pack into two months off of school! :)