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A Big Thank You!

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As I sit here, having just arrived back from an amazing week in St. Thomas with my husband, I am overwhelmed. I am full of so much gratitude for all of the people that made our wedding day so special and so perfect! I promise to have a more detailed post of each part of the day and the honeymoon very soon! Bear with me as this week will be one of gifts, returns, exchanges, traveling, Thanksgiving, thank you notes, settling in, etc. However, I'd like to thank a few very special people who made the details of the day perfect!
Our families: Wow! We have so much that we should thank you for. You have been such a huge support and encouragement to us. We don't deserve all that you have given us. You have taught us so much through the lives that you have lived. Thank you for your patience during the last months of planning. We love y'all!
Our wedding party: My gracious. What amazing friends you all are. We didn't deserve all of the sweet things you said at the rehearsal dinner! You were part of our wedding because you have been such an encouragement to us and such precious friends! Thank you for sharing our day!
Alisa and Jess: Ok. The photographer was a huge decision for me. I looked at several but in all honesty, once I saw you there was no competition. Now, I've only seen bridal portraits and a couple of sneak peeks but I have NO DOUBT that I will be forever grateful that you two photographed my wedding. Thank you for capturing our day and being so amazing and SO MUCH FUN to work with! Thank you for loving "the perfect light!" :)
(This is all I have seen so far but how fabulous?? Right!)
Mrs. Maryanne and Fancy Affairs Catering: The food was unbelievable! Thank you for caring about every detail and for using your gifts! It not only tasted fabulous but was also beautifully displayed! So grateful for you and your friendship!
Elisabeth Epperson: Sweet girl, I haven't met you but I feel like I know you. This talented senior is the girl responsible for the adorable monogrammed cookies. I am thankful I found your blog! You are so talented and I hope I get to meet you very soon!!
Jeff and Chris: Thank you for being my own personal paparazzi on my wedding day! You started early and stayed late. Our video is going to be ballin. No doubt! Y'all were so great!!
Belle Bouquet and DJ's By The Bay: These vendors were so easy to work with and did a phenomenal job! Although I doubt you read my blog I wanted to give some credit where it belonged!
Anthony and Eric: Thank you for using your gifts. You did such a great job with the music at our ceremony. I know being outside presented some challenges but it sounded so great! Loved hearing the worship before the ceremony and loved walking back down the aisle to, "To God Be the Glory!"
Uncle Lance, Aunt Amy, Palm, and Liv: Thank you for each having a part in our day! We LOVE you all so much! Thank you for driving to Tampa and making that sacrifice! So grateful for your family!
Guests: Thank you for taking time out of your Saturday to watch us say I Do. We are so appreciative and thankful for each of you! We have amazing friends and family!
Chris: Thank you for putting so much thought into our ceremony. It was absolutely our favorite part of the day. Thank you or glorifying the Lord with the words you said! Thank you (and JULIE!) for pouring into our lives over the last few years and even more in the last few months!
Lou's Crew: Oh my! Thank you for your creativity and your willingness to serve. I am so thankful for all of you. Thanks for everything from burlap curtains and chalkboards to your love and excitement for me! LOVE Y'ALL!! I am so undeserving of all that you did for me! (Julie, Catherine, Mangs, Linds, Mom)
Brett: Thank you for being the one waiting at the end of the aisle. Thank you for the huge smile when you first saw me an the tears as I made it to the end of the aisle! Thank you for loving me well and making me the happiest girl in the world. I love you husband!
I am sure there are others I have left out and I apologize. Our day was so incredible and everything I had ever pictured!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I promise to be back with more detailed posts very soon! :)