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he & she (october 2011)

he and sheLaura KittrellComment
:.. he and she ..:
They have been unbelievably busy this month.
He officially started driving with his drivers ed students....
And hasn't died yet..
So we are thankful! :)
She got a job teaching first grade!
And they couldn't be more thankful!
She is getting into the swing of thingsĀ 
And loving those babies!
They have had several showers
And are overwhelmed with how people have blessed them!
She had bridal portraits taken!
He finished football season and began basketball season....
They are getting married in 13 days! :)
And are so ready for the day and the week of vacation after!!
St. Thomas, we are coming! :)
P.S. Fail on the picture. We were in photo booth and it was supposed to beĀ 
13 days but it's clearly backwards. So...not 31. Dang.