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Oh Where, Oh Where Has She Been?

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She has been so so so so so incredibly busy!! October has been a whirlwind and oh my gracious it is almost over! Let's have a little update shall we? First of all, on the wedding front they have had several showers since the last time we spoke.
Here we are at Brett's church shower which was one full of so many sweet people. We felt so loved!
My sweet hostesses for my next shower. THANK YOU Mrs. Kitty, Annie, and Essie! :) What a fun day!
So many sweet sweet friends and women who have been such role models and mentors in my life!
My mother-in-law and mother :)
Grandmother and I
We have also had the bridesmaids brunch. We decided that the day before the wedding would be full of craziness and didn't want it to be rushed! We wanted it to be a special day!
This angel came to town last weekend!
The whole group!
My sweet bridesmaids minus Kat! (We missed you so so much!!!)
The sweetest flower girl there ever was! :)
I have also taken bridal portraits and done a whole lot of planning the last few weeks! OH MY GOODNESS! ARE WE REALLY 15 DAYS AWAY????? :) I AM SO EXCITED!
Now, moving on to another update. 2 weeks ago today I got a job! Talk about a crazy time to get a job! Seriously, things are crazy! I am teaching first grade and really enjoying it! It is a lot of work but I cannot explain what a blessing and answer to prayer this job. God has been providing for us in so many ways! We are so grateful and so ready to start our life together!
Sorry for the lack of posting. I cannot promise that in the next couple of weeks I will be posting frequently but promise that after the wedding I will have more updates and posts about honeymoon, our house, wedding, teaching, etc.! Perhaps there will be a few more posts before I become Mrs. Kittrell! As for now, I am enjoying my time with my family and the last days before get married! 
I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!