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Blessed...Completely Blessed

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It all started with the invite. I mean, I had to know that this was going to be the most perfect shower!
The decor in itself deserves its own post.....
Delicious cake....
Love all of my decor for my house!
Little details...
K's everywhere!! :) 
Pictures of my sweet fiance and I....
Brett and Laura tic-tac-toe! haha..
Delicious food!
Adorable gifts! 
So many sweet friends and family members that celebrated with me!
The best matron of honor/hostess in the world!
Beautiful gifts...
A blessed and overwhelmed bride!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to my sweet hostesses! Amy, Linds, and Aunt Amy, you all did so much to make the day so special and I could not be more grateful! Thank you to everyone who came! I felt so overwhelmed with all that I received and everyone that came to celebrate! Brett and I were both so amazed at all that we received and just feel so blessed and loved! This shower made the wedding seem even closer and more real!! I cannot wait!! 
46 DAYS!!