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A Few Things On Friday

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1. My first wedding shower is this weekend! I am so excited! I have seen a few things for the decor and lets just say that Pinterest has come to my house thanks to my sweet sister!! 
2. My aunt Amy and sister-in-law, Lindsey are helping throw the shower so Aunt Amy, Olivia, Linds, and Virginia are all here! So much fun!
3. My cousin, Olivia loves to ride horses so we set it up for her to have a lesson while she was here. Yesterday, we headed out to Silver Lining Farms which happens to be quite close to where we are getting married. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon...
It is BEAUTIFUL out there...
Liv did such a good job. She loves it and I was so impressed!
3. As I mentioned.....this little angel who also happens to be the flower girl is here!!

4. It is the official first day of fall!!! Hoping for cooler weather very soon but if it doesn't get here until November 12th then that's fine! :)
5. 50...that's right 50 days until this is my new monogram!! :) I am just a little bit exited!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!! More on my shower after tomorrow!!