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Finally, finally, finally, I can share this GREAT news on the blog! As some of you know, after Brett and I got married we moved in across the street from my sister. decision ever. We have LOVED being right across the street! It is just so so fun!! Well, on Christmas Eve (yes, I have had to wait THAT long!) we found out that my sweet sister and brother-in-law are expecting a SWEET LITTLE GIFT in August!! :) Gracious, we already have Virginia, we are getting Charlotte in a couple of months and then soon after, Mangs will be having her baby!!! I am going to be an aunt times three and couldn't be more thrilled that this one will be living across the street!!!! Now, if we could just get Linds and Eric to move in next door??!!?

Well, at the end of December, Mangs wanted me to take some pictures of she and Pudge for their 5 year wedding anniversary. We also had just found out about this little blessing so we turned it into some fun pictures! I have been SO EXCITED to show these and finally announce that we will have a sweet baby in AUGUST!! A perfect birthday present for me! :)

Five Years Married! 
So stinkin cute.. 
Pudge listening for the baby...haha
Yay for a soon to come baby bump......which is non-existent right now..... 
We bought cupcakes for the celebration. Pink or Blue? We will know SOON!!!
Just like their wedding day.. haha
Can't wait to meet this baby!!
HURRY UP AUGUST!!! Love you Mangs and Pudge! Brett and I will be excellent babysitters and we will let you know our rates soon! :)