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Pinwheel Painting Project

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So in these almost three months of marriage and having our own home, I am realizing that projects don't really stop. You kind of just always have something. Well, the space we are using as our office was pretty much the only room that was a junk room. Our bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms were still needing some work but were certainly organized. However, the office had stuff EVERYWHERE. Well, it has finally been MOSTLY organized and we are getting things on the walls everywhere. (Eventually I will take pictures of our whole house) I am loving how things are turning out. 
I saw this project a few months ago and LOVED how it looked. I wanted to do something like that in our office. I have always been a color freak but since getting married I have been all about some neutrals. Go figure. So, I played around with what colors to use and here is how it came out.
I started by putting a dot in the very center an drawing random lines coming from it. I knew I didn't want a million different colors so it doesn't have as many triangles as the inspiration one I saw.
Then I started painting....I chose cream colors, a tan, and a gray. I obviously did not use painters tape. Mainly, I didn't have any and also I wasn't using as many colors so I was just careful and used a small brush. I wasn't super concerned about the lines being perfect.
Finished product after painting.....
I also knew I wanted it to have a verse and this just seemed perfect.
Final product on the wall...
It is surrounded by a picture from the slum I visited in Africa, a great picture I was able to capture in the slums or a little boy catching a raindrop, and a picture overlooking Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a place so close to Brett and I's heart!
Really loving how this turned out. Again, I will show the rest of the house soon. It seems that blogging has taken a backseat lately. 
Tonight has been so nice....Brett had a game and I have gotten to spend some quality time with my mom! Oh, and tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woo....Happy day!