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Hello There, It's been a bit!

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Well, where to begin? I feel like so much has happened and yet I don't know if there is a way to remember all that has happened during this time. We will have to go with a pictures update instead to get you caught up on the craziness of this busy time!

First of all, Brett and I have been doing a lot to finish up various projects in our home!


New throw pillows on the bed....Brett loves having multiple pillows and the fact that they are monogrammed makes him love them all the more! :)


Our master bath does not have a linen closet. Since we moved in we have searched for something to go in the bathroom to hold towels, sheets, etc. Finally, we found something and although it was too big to go in the bathroom, our bedroom was big enough and I just love it.

Oh, and then my awesome husband built this bookshelf! Yeah, it looks fabulous!

Don't worry, we haven't neglected the outside. :) We kind of love being outside and since last year with having a garden I pretty much think I have a green thumb or something. Haha! But seriously, I love having plants and seeing them grow! :)

Just watering azaleas! :)

Oh, and again, husband built this table for our porch out of pallets. Seriously so handy! :)

We also planted our garden this past weekend! Praying for tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet peas, zucchini, squash and more! :)


Other than that, we have been very busy. I have been busy with school and photography! Brett got to celebrate his spring break last week and I will begin mine tomorrow! I am more than ready for a week to relax!


Oh, and let me just say....I am incredibly thankful for my husband. He shows me so much grace and is such an encouragement. I don't deserve him but am so grateful God made him just for me! :)

Perhaps while on spring break I will blog a bit more! :)

Lucy Myer Was "Showered" With Love

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Yesterday, I, along with several other women had the privilege to throw a shower for Amy and Miss Lucy. Amy has always been the queen of shower throwing and never fails to forget a single detail! You may remember the bridal shower that she helped throw for me just a few months ago! She made sure that everything was absolutely perfect! I wanted to do the same for her! The day started with torrential downpours that lasted......all day long! We were a little bit worried but sweet friends braved the weather and Mangs, Pudge, and Lucy were certainly blessed with so many sweet gifts! I had lots of help making this shower great and I hope that my sister felt as loved as she truly is! 
Right when people walked in....
We were blessed to have my dad, brother, and the daddy to be, as our own personal valet! They pulled up, were ushered to the door, and they parked cars! So thankful!
A clothesline with all sorts of monogrammed goodies!
Little details
Adorable and delicious cookies made by a sweet friend! Thanks Morgan!
The kitchen setup was my favorite! Parasols hung from the ceiling, flowers everywhere, banners, etc.!
Adorable cake and beautiful monogram
Gumballs and a cute little girl!
Pink lemonade for a girl! 
Soon to be parents!!
Grandmother, Mangs, and baby Charlotte!
So many thoughtful gifts! Wish I would have gotten a picture of all of the many many gifts she was blessed with! They are all set!
Lucy's arrival checklist! :) 
Sadly, we didn't get a picture with all of our hostesses!
Thank you Melia, Mrs. Sherry, Julie, Catherine, Lindsey, and although she wasn't a hostess...thank you mom for letting us use your home and helping!! :)
I love you sweet sister and hope that this shower was up to your standards! :) Just kidding! So thankful for you and happy that God has entrusted Lucy to you and Pudge!! This aunt is pumped to live across the street!! I love you!!

Gardening Progress

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So, I have to say, this is a super fun hobby! We are totally gardeners. I had no idea how fun it would be to walk out and see them change every single day! Well, in seeing these two pictures you can already tell we have progress.
Day 1...haha
After they were planted...
This week!!! WOW!! Look at how much everything has changed....
The first day I saw the tomatoes.....
This week....We have little clusters like this all over! So exciting! 
Jalapeños everywhere! 
Day 1 on the left and this week on the right, although this bell pepper is growing so quickly and others are popping up all over! 
Last but not least, we have a lovely zucchini and squash popping up as well! 
It really is so exciting that we have progress! 
We were only a little bit worried that things might not grow! :) Cannot wait to see more progress and finally be able to pick our veggies! 

The Table Completion

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So I mentioned a few posts ago that Brett made a coffee table for our house. We finally painted it and he finished it during his spring break. First we primed it....
I saw this and it was kind of my inspiration. I liked the two toned. We already have some dark furniture so we knew we wanted to lighten it up a bit. I can't remember the exact colors but we painted the legs and and bottom a cream color and the top a golden tan. 
I am really loving the way that it turned out! I feel like it compliments our room so well! My husband did a great job! 
Sorry about the blurry iPhone picture. I will be back soon! I have shot a couple of weddings with Bayleigh M. Photography and would love to share some of the shots from these weddings soon!
We will also be spending this next weekend in Atlanta! I am excited to get away with my husband, shop a little, and see the Braves play! What a wonderful way to start my spring break! :) 2 days! 

The Weekend

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Although this weekend was not a super restful one, it certainly was fun and didn't seem to fly by which is always nice! We were so excited about Saturday because it was Brett's first race! He has been running with Pudge many mornings at 5:00 A.M.! Brett is athletic but never really been a runner so this has been a huge sacrifice and I have been so proud of him! He decided to do his first race, the Azalea Trail Run, and not just the 5K, he went for the 10K! He and Pudge ran along with many of our friends!! 
Beautiful morning to start us off!
Warming up.... :) 
Basil ran his first race and did so well!!
Armbruster fam!!
My boy and I before...I was so sad I didn't run but probably would have struggled! I haven't been running consistently unfortunately! Need to start back up!
So many happy people ready to run!
There they are! 
Josh finishing incredibly fast!
Here comes Pudge!
There's my guy!! Finishing it up with Matt!
Good job boys!!
So proud of you!
Anna and Sam
The Estis fam ready for the fun run!!
Carter's so cool in his glasses!
It was such a fun day! After we were done Brett and Jeff went to buy our plants for our garden and on Sunday morning they planted them! We are so excited about having some fresh veggies in our backyard!!
So now, after some watering, we will hopefully have some large tomatoes, red, green, orange bell pepper, jalapeños, sweet basil, rosemary, zucchini, squash, and onion!
I hope your weekend was as pretty as ours! :) 

Around Here In March

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I cannot believe that we are almost through the month of March! Seems crazy but I am happy cause it means closer to Spring Break and then Summer! With the weather being as beautiful as it is, it is hard being inside! A lot has been going on in the month of March. 
I did this craft project....
Tutorial here
I hung these new prints in my kitchen! Love these colors!
Printables found here
Also, I have had a couple of neat opportunities lately. A friend of ours asked me to take some pictures of her son at his soccer game. She had seen some pictures I had taken and wanted me to come so that she and her husband wouldn't have to! I was happy to oblige and happy to learn more and experiment with my camera! Here are a few shots from the night. (They won the game by the way in double overtime! :) ) 
A couple of weeks ago Brett decided he wanted to build something. :) He decided on a coffee table and bought the wood and put it together in a couple of days. It turned out really great and I am excited to paint it soon!! 
Hey handsome
Good job husband...
We have also begun the process of starting a garden. Mangs and Pudge who live across the street really wanted to and I did. Brett is not a huge fan of veggies (we are working on that! :) ) so he didn't really care too much but we are using our backyard! Brett and Pudge built some boxes and they have been filled with soil. We are hoping to begin planting some veggies this weekend! I am really excited about this! 
I'll keep you updated on the progress! 
We are still constantly making our house a home and we added some new curtains that I ordered. 
This past weekend after finding out this baby was a girl, we went and helped these two register at Target! Well, not really helped but kept them company! SO READY FOR BABY J!!
Other than those happenings we have been keeping busy. Life seems to never slow down! We are learning lots about patience and trusting the Lord. I am learning that my husband is probably the best leader for me and encourager. He is so patient. I mean, I know everyone thinks their husband is great but really, he has been my biggest supporter during these last few months when things have been hard. 
Also, yesterday a year ago, was the day I said YES to him! 
What a year it has been!! 
I made the best decision of my life a year ago! 
I LOVE YOU so so much Brett and am so thankful that you are my husband!
Hope your week is going well! It's WEDNESDAY!! :)

Pinwheel Painting Project

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So in these almost three months of marriage and having our own home, I am realizing that projects don't really stop. You kind of just always have something. Well, the space we are using as our office was pretty much the only room that was a junk room. Our bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms were still needing some work but were certainly organized. However, the office had stuff EVERYWHERE. Well, it has finally been MOSTLY organized and we are getting things on the walls everywhere. (Eventually I will take pictures of our whole house) I am loving how things are turning out. 
I saw this project a few months ago and LOVED how it looked. I wanted to do something like that in our office. I have always been a color freak but since getting married I have been all about some neutrals. Go figure. So, I played around with what colors to use and here is how it came out.
I started by putting a dot in the very center an drawing random lines coming from it. I knew I didn't want a million different colors so it doesn't have as many triangles as the inspiration one I saw.
Then I started painting....I chose cream colors, a tan, and a gray. I obviously did not use painters tape. Mainly, I didn't have any and also I wasn't using as many colors so I was just careful and used a small brush. I wasn't super concerned about the lines being perfect.
Finished product after painting.....
I also knew I wanted it to have a verse and this just seemed perfect.
Final product on the wall...
It is surrounded by a picture from the slum I visited in Africa, a great picture I was able to capture in the slums or a little boy catching a raindrop, and a picture overlooking Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a place so close to Brett and I's heart!
Really loving how this turned out. Again, I will show the rest of the house soon. It seems that blogging has taken a backseat lately. 
Tonight has been so nice....Brett had a game and I have gotten to spend some quality time with my mom! Oh, and tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woo....Happy day!