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The Weekend

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Although this weekend was not a super restful one, it certainly was fun and didn't seem to fly by which is always nice! We were so excited about Saturday because it was Brett's first race! He has been running with Pudge many mornings at 5:00 A.M.! Brett is athletic but never really been a runner so this has been a huge sacrifice and I have been so proud of him! He decided to do his first race, the Azalea Trail Run, and not just the 5K, he went for the 10K! He and Pudge ran along with many of our friends!! 
Beautiful morning to start us off!
Warming up.... :) 
Basil ran his first race and did so well!!
Armbruster fam!!
My boy and I before...I was so sad I didn't run but probably would have struggled! I haven't been running consistently unfortunately! Need to start back up!
So many happy people ready to run!
There they are! 
Josh finishing incredibly fast!
Here comes Pudge!
There's my guy!! Finishing it up with Matt!
Good job boys!!
So proud of you!
Anna and Sam
The Estis fam ready for the fun run!!
Carter's so cool in his glasses!
It was such a fun day! After we were done Brett and Jeff went to buy our plants for our garden and on Sunday morning they planted them! We are so excited about having some fresh veggies in our backyard!!
So now, after some watering, we will hopefully have some large tomatoes, red, green, orange bell pepper, jalapeños, sweet basil, rosemary, zucchini, squash, and onion!
I hope your weekend was as pretty as ours! :)