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Lucy Myer Was "Showered" With Love

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Yesterday, I, along with several other women had the privilege to throw a shower for Amy and Miss Lucy. Amy has always been the queen of shower throwing and never fails to forget a single detail! You may remember the bridal shower that she helped throw for me just a few months ago! She made sure that everything was absolutely perfect! I wanted to do the same for her! The day started with torrential downpours that lasted......all day long! We were a little bit worried but sweet friends braved the weather and Mangs, Pudge, and Lucy were certainly blessed with so many sweet gifts! I had lots of help making this shower great and I hope that my sister felt as loved as she truly is! 
Right when people walked in....
We were blessed to have my dad, brother, and the daddy to be, as our own personal valet! They pulled up, were ushered to the door, and they parked cars! So thankful!
A clothesline with all sorts of monogrammed goodies!
Little details
Adorable and delicious cookies made by a sweet friend! Thanks Morgan!
The kitchen setup was my favorite! Parasols hung from the ceiling, flowers everywhere, banners, etc.!
Adorable cake and beautiful monogram
Gumballs and a cute little girl!
Pink lemonade for a girl! 
Soon to be parents!!
Grandmother, Mangs, and baby Charlotte!
So many thoughtful gifts! Wish I would have gotten a picture of all of the many many gifts she was blessed with! They are all set!
Lucy's arrival checklist! :) 
Sadly, we didn't get a picture with all of our hostesses!
Thank you Melia, Mrs. Sherry, Julie, Catherine, Lindsey, and although she wasn't a hostess...thank you mom for letting us use your home and helping!! :)
I love you sweet sister and hope that this shower was up to your standards! :) Just kidding! So thankful for you and happy that God has entrusted Lucy to you and Pudge!! This aunt is pumped to live across the street!! I love you!!