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Magic Kingdom and Tampa

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On day 3 of Disney we headed to Magic Kingdom! This was so much fun for Virginia because most of the rides are ones she can go on. Mom was pretty excited too! Here are some pictures from Sunday and Monday... adorable does she look at Disney!

Riding the carousel  

Our favorite mouse couple!

Hey sammy

Cute dad....

Waiting for the parade

Classic mom

Loving the parade...

And....the electrical parade...

How cute is her minnie shirt Aunt Amy made for her!
Yesterday we went to my Aunt Amy's house. She lives in Tampa. It was so good to see her and my uncle and cousins and also my grandmother who we affectionately call Ding Dong.

We rocked some Just Dance...
My brother...
Get it Linds and Eric!
Sorry for the millions of pictures. And.....there are more to come! 
Happy Birthday to Lindsey today!